On Demand Scheduling

New On Demand Scheduling!

Available with your enrollment group of four.

How it works:

Great news . . . now you can schedule a class that fits you! That is, when you and three of your friends or family to sign up for a class with you, we’ll chart out the class to whenever it fits your schedule. We provide the boat, instructor, lunch, and everything else. Just get those friends together and we’re ready to teach you how to sail.

The best thing is, that we give you a discount of $150 for each of the additional three students that take the class with you. That is, $895 for the 1st student and $745 for each additional student!

Call Bayfield location 715-779-3269, Lake City location 612-237-4112 or Chicago location 312-493-9815 or email us for more information.


We are united by a genuine love of sailing, and we share this love with our families, our friends, and through relationships with the broader sailing community.

Sailing School Locations and Dates

Enjoy the Apostle Islands just outside of Bayfield, Wisconsin on beautiful Lake Superior. Or the relaxed river town of Lake City and is located 65 miles southeast of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota).

Go from student to sailor in three days

In just three days, our students can complete a certification course that fully prepares them to sail any vessel on any water. We turn novice into know-how, in other words, and we instill confidence and competence into every participant. The proof? Over 12,000 sailors since 1980.