Responses & Comments taken from recent Instruction Program Evaluations:

“I have taken an ASA class before and was in knots the whole time.  This class was actually Fun.”

“Our instructor had an excellent understanding of each person’s strengths/weaknesses & comfort level.  He was able to adapt instruction accordingly.”

“Instructor was always calm & just talked you through things even if you were making a mistake.”

“For a complete beginner in sailing, I thought the material & instructors were excellent – I learned a lot in a short time.”

“I feel I learned a lot and I have sailed for 35 years.”

“This course was well worth my time and money.”

“Lots of good practical comments and clarifying questions.”

“Well organized, good teacher!  Thank you.”

“The shear amount of times that each student got to perform maneuvers was the best.”

“Tailoring our instruction to our class.  The class was very complete.”

“Building a basic foundation & the reason why – good process.”

“Clear, clean & concise – very good material.”

“Gave us very good instructions under difficult weather conditions.”

“Attention to detail, consistent coaching.”

“Ensured we knew the basics & safety.  Liked the amount of repetition on tasks.”

“Confidence day over day increased tremendously.”

“The personal attention given to each student in the boat.”

“One-on-one attention, lots of attempts at getting maneuvers correct.  Taught us all the essentials.

“Perfect experience.”

“You’re method of instruction is very good.  On water instructor was very good, very supportive and patient.  Great location for learn to sail.  Great experience all around – thanks.”

“Very cool & calm & highly confidence building.  We feel able to go & charter on our own.  Which was the point.”

“-Terrific instructor – good balance between directing & letting students complete steps of particular maneuver. 
-criticism offered was right on track, delivered very contructively
-overall, was a very enjoyable experience.”

“Not a wasted minute.  Even learned things through lunches.”

“His knowledge and expertise – both as a sailor and as an instructor.”

“The on-line pre-study materials was very well put together and hit on the most critical points, and followed the on-the-water instruction very well”

“Instructor lets you use your own judgement and learn from your mistakes.”

“It was very unintimidating & encouraging.  She put everyone at ease and made the whole experience a whole lot of fun!”

“The instructor’s ability to communicate the course material very affective.”

“Learning to chart and the instructor’s patience.”

“The instructor’s ability to teach in a clear, direct & patient manner.”

“Repeating drills enough so that I was able to fully understand all maneuvers.”

“Very thorough and informative; practice and hands on which was great.”

“The website & handout and the CD.  The classroom instruction was great.”

“Very patient w/ all students.  Explained things very well and in an organized manner.  Ensured all students understood before moving on to another topic.”

“Online video was very helpful and learned the most from that.”

“Overall, both the classroom and on-the-water instruction was excellent.  I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 days in Bayfield.  Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!”

“Bayfield sailing grounds are very impressive and a good way to sell this sport by your location here.  The C&C 29 was a very stable platform and lent a feeling of safety to the course.  Good emphasis on safety.”

“*Excellent program – good mix of instruction and hands on experience
* Lots of time on the water
* very flexible”

“Very helpful. I overcame my fear & Larry helped me become more confident.  Excellent instructor – top shelf.”

 “The videos and all other material was great.”

”I was pleased with the on-the-water instruction practice – we had lots of experience with handling the boat, docking and sailing.”

“Good program – learned lots – feel much more confident on a sailboat”

“Mike is an excellent teacher – lots of patience, very calm & let you know when you did something wrong & when you did a good job.  I feel that I couldn’t have had a better teacher.  Thank you for the confidence you have give me.   The weekend was wonderful.:

“It was a pleasure to sail with Jim – he is a seasoned sailor with a great presence and personality.  Well done!”

“Bayfield is beautiful & our instructor was excellent.  I am very pleased with the whole experience.”

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We are united by a genuine love of sailing, and we share this love with our families, our friends, and through relationships with the broader sailing community.

Sailing School Locations and Dates

Enjoy the Apostle Islands just outside of Bayfield, Wisconsin on beautiful Lake Superior. Or the relaxed river town of Lake City and is located 65 miles southeast of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota).

Go from student to sailor in three days

In just three days, our students can complete a certification course that fully prepares them to sail any vessel on any water. We turn novice into know-how, in other words, and we instill confidence and competence into every participant. The proof? Over 12,000 sailors since 1980.