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Your three-day Lake Superior course sails from  Bayfield, Wisconsin. This location offers stunning scenery and is a  mecca for fabulous vacations.

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Photo of Bayfield from Lake Superior.

Bayfield, Wisconsin – Gateway to the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior

The Apostle Islands archipelago includes 22 islands and is located in far northwestern Wisconsin, off the Bayfield Peninsula. Twenty-one of these islands, and a 12-mile segment along the shore of Wisconsin’s north coast, comprise the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. The beauty of the islands are enhanced by the area’s geology. Colorful precambrian sandstone have eroded into interesting cliff formations, including sea caves, and there is a highly diverse collection of sandscapes, including sandspits, cuspate forelands, tombolos, a barrier spit, and numerous beaches. These sandscapes are among the most pristine left in the Great Lakes region. The island’s wildlife includes a diverse population of nesting and migratory birds and a variety of mammals, amphibians, and fish. The rich history of the islands includes Native Americans, voyageurs, loggers, quarrying, farmers and commercial fisherman. The six historic light stations in the park, built to aid Great Lakes navigation, are the largest such group found in any unit of the National Park System.

Bayfield Map

Lake City, Minnesota
On beautiful Lake Pepin

Spread between 400 foot wooded bluffs that mark the border between Western Wisconsin and Southeastern Minnesota, Lake Pepin is the only natural lake on the entire Mississippi River system.  This twenty two by three mile wide body of water offers few navigational hazards and abundant anchorages. Lake City rests on the western shores of Lake Pepin, the widest spot on the Mississippi River.  This is a relaxed river town and is located 65 miles southeast of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota).  Situated among the beautiful scenic river bluffs, Lake City is perfect for those who love the relaxed atmosphere of a small town, the amenities of a big town and the beauty of nature. Five minutes after untying from the dock at the Lake City Marina, you are out sailing.  Depending on the day and your spirit, you either drift lazily in the sunshine, or blast through frontal winds.  There are plenty of good anchorages, places to explore and largely uncrowded waters.  Lake Pepin offers enjoyment for both beginning and more accomplished sailors.

Lake City Map

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We are united by a genuine love of sailing, and we share this love with our families, our friends, and through relationships with the broader sailing community.

Sailing School Locations and Dates

Enjoy the Apostle Islands just outside of Bayfield, Wisconsin on beautiful Lake Superior. Or the relaxed river town of Lake City and is located 65 miles southeast of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota).

Go from student to sailor in three days

In just three days, our students can complete a certification course that fully prepares them to sail any vessel on any water. We turn novice into know-how, in other words, and we instill confidence and competence into every participant. The proof? Over 12,000 sailors since 1980.